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Student Leader Training

We believe leadership is “caught not taught”, which is why we provide student leadership training that is hands-on, practical and fun. Rather than lecturing your students about how to be a leader, our skilled team of facilitators provide experiences of leadership, and then draw the lessons out in the debrief.


Our Process



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Workshop options

Short Workshop (90 mins)

Is there a specific skill you would like to develop in your leaders?

Our short workshops are designed to fit into a single school period and cover a range of topics which are decided on through discussion with you. Some examples of topics include public speaking, communication, teamwork, improv, problem solving and taking action as a leader.


To enable greater collaboration between students, these workshops are capped at 35 students.


Full Day Workshop

We can also work with your leaders for a full day. Over the course of the day we will explore what it means to be a leader, and invite students to reflect on their personal leadership style. We also cover a range of skills which are decided on through discussion with you. These workshops are particularly popular in terms 1 and 4, when the new group of leaders have just been selected. 

Chat with our team to find out more. 

Assembly Presentation

We also have a range of speakers that can present to larger groups. Browse our catalogue to see what speakers and topics we offer. This is an excellent option for year level assemblies and is more of a traditional speech than a hands on workshop.


​Chat with our team to find out more.


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