Who are we?

Yellow Arrow Leadership was founded in 2019 by siblings Felicity and Michael Walter. They are passionate about leadership and believe in the power of connecting leaders with their purpose.

Why Yellow Arrow? Read more about the story behind the name here.


Felicity Walter


Felicity has shaped her life around people. Nothing brings her more joy than guiding a group through a shared experience. As the youngest of six, Felicity has always been surrounded by family and friends, and quickly learned to articulate herself in order to get a word in at the dinner table. Now, she is an engaging speaker and facilitator who conveys this sense of warmth and connectedness in whatever context she finds herself. 


Felicity’s extensive experience working and volunteering in the non-profit sector has provided her with an appreciation for the invaluable contribution of volunteers and leaders. She is passionate about using a strengths-based lens to view situations, and providing pathways for young people on the margins of society.


As a secondary school teacher, Felicity brings creativity and laughter into the classroom. She is emotionally intelligent, a trait that is invaluable in her coaching practice, and is a natural host at all times. Felicity believes that all people have something of value to offer and will always seek a way to bring people in. She is thrilled to work with young leaders to help them shape their lives around what they are passionate about.


Michael Walter


Michael has always been deeply curious about the world. From a young age he would ask questions to anyone who listened. This hasn’t changed; he is still a seeker. Now this curiosity has transferred to community action and unravelling how we can make better change. Passionate about community, Michael has volunteered and worked with people since the age of 15. He is driven by the idea that clever thinking and action can unravel even the most challenging problems.


Michael is studying a Master of Design Strategy and Innovation at Swinburne University and is learning the skills needed to work within complex systems and lead initiatives to create positive change. He believes that the next generation of leaders will need collaborative teamwork, creative thinking and inspirational leadership to solve the various complex problems that are arising in our common home. Michael thrives on working with others and is excited to help the next generation to recognise their own talents and gifts and develop the skills they need to achieve their goals.


Yellow Arrow enables Michael to combine his passions for social justice, creative problem solving and leadership with his other passion of working with people and supporting them to find their own direction in life.