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Project Santiago

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What is Project Santiago?


We believe that the leadership skills that students develop when they are in school will benefit them well into their adult years. We are passionate about supporting teachers to develop confident, empathetic student leaders who take initiative and leave a legacy.

We named our student leadership program “Project Santiago” after the Camino de Santiago (which is an 800 km ancient pilgrimage across the north of Spain). We think that the journey to become a leader is not so dissimilar from the Camino. The journey doesn’t start until you take your first step, there are many ups and downs and the people that you meet along the way make it meaningful. We wrote a blog about why we named our company after the yellow arrows on the Camino, check it out!

Watch the following video clip from a recent webinar to hear Felicity and Michael talking through the program:



Every school is different, so we have created packages to allow you to choose the best fit for you and your students. If you are looking for something that doesn’t quite line up with what we have outlined below, get in touch and we will see what we can do!

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Project Santiago packages.png


We are passionate about supporting schools to develop a strong leadership culture because we have experienced first-hand how formative these experiences can be for young people.  When designing Project Santiago, we aimed to address two of the key challenges that many schools encounter when developing a leadership program: 


  1. Ongoing student engagement & 

  2. Teacher time.


Many student leaders start the year with a lot of enthusiasm and big ideas and end up getting disheartened when they don’t know how to put their ideas into action. In Project Santiago we provide the framework and support for students to achieve their goals and face challenges with a growth mindset.  We provide resources, structure and professional development training so that teachers aren’t tied up with admin and can focus on journeying with the students.

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"The biggest strength of Project Santiago lies in the people behind it, Felicity and Michael Walter. Their enthusiasm to help develop the leadership of young people is clear to see. Both Felicity and Michael have a genuine sense of care and respect for the students involved in the project and have also instilled a real buzz about the program for the students from St Joseph’s College.


The students involved in the project have been afforded a unique opportunity to grow as young leaders and as young people in general. Project Santiago has opened many doors for these students as they learn about their strengths and how to lead others. The program has helped foster a sense of community and social responsibility in these students and has allowed them to experience a great deal of personal development as they seek to understand those around them with care and empathy."

Liam O'Keefe,

Head of Students, St Joseph's College Ferntree Gully 

Key Teacher for 2021 Pilot Program