Project Santiago

Year 10 and 11* students


Leadership is an ongoing process of discovery. In our multi-touch program we support student leaders to discover their own personal leadership style through face-to-face training, scaffolded community projects and ongoing mentorship and resources. We believe that everyone has the potential to become a leader and make positive contributions to their community.

Project Santiago was named after the Camino de Santiago (which is an 800 km ancient pilgrimage across the north of Spain). We think that the journey to become a leader is not so dissimilar from the Camino, the journey doesn’t start until you take your first step, there are many ups and downs and the people that you meet along the way make it meaningful. We wrote a blog about why we named our company the yellow arrows on the Camino, check it out!

Who is Yellow Arrow Leadership?

Yellow Arrow Leadership is an educational consultancy on a mission to develop
communities of leaders who know their why and inspire change in ethical and
sustainable ways. Through educational and experiential learning, real-life experiences,
and peer-mentoring, these leaders make positive change through enhancing their
‘heart’ through connection, ‘head’ through development and ‘hands’ through
understanding and action.


We are at a moment in history when leadership really matters. Climate change is causing devastation across our planet, globalisation is leading to changes in our political landscape, and technological advancement is drastically changing the future of work. Locally we are in a moment where teachers have increasing demands on their time and may be frustrated that they can’t achieve everything they want to be able to do.

We believe that positive leadership is needed to inspire our society to think creatively and critically to solve the problems we are facing today. We also believe this leadership journey must start early and that young leaders must be supported to discover their unique gifts and talents.

Project Santiago was created to support young leaders to recognise that they have the skills and talents that are needed in this moment.


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The program includes 3 full experiential training days as well as 3 online webinars focused on personal and group development, social justice, communication, problem solving, creative and critical thinking, teamwork, management of projects, self reflection, and personal development (i.e. goal setting, and growth mindset.)

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Mentoring and support

Students and teachers are supported throughout the program through an online community where students can ask questions of each other and also of the program facilitators. The practical aspects of leadership are scaffolded with a fortnightly agenda template as well as opportunities to discuss project ideas and questions about the content. The online social platform also acts as a depository for relevant knowledge and information shared by the facilitators.

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Real-life experience

A key element of the program is the Student Project where students are encouraged to think of a problem in their school or community that they would like to contribute to solving. Through a design thinking process students research the problem space, define the problem, develop an idea and refine the solution. We believe that it isn’t necessarily about the solution the students develop but rather about providing the students an opportunity to grapple with solving a complex community problem. It is through this journey that the best learning takes place.

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Teacher support

Each term the teachers on the program meet to discuss what is working and what areas they need further support in. The facilitators then make adjustments to the program based on the needs of the participants. In this way the program is co-designed to meet the needs of the participants (both teachers and students). Everything we do is based on up-to-date leadership theory and practice as well as being connected to the curriculum. Our founders are both qualified secondary school teachers and are completing further study in coaching, and strategic design.


How many participants?

20-25 students can participate in the Program.


The program is blended and takes place either at the school, online or at a local venue for the all participant event.

How long is the program?

Multi touch-point

Is there an application process?

An application process is a great idea. It means that students intentionally choose to be a part of the program and leads to greater motivation. We provide all schools with an application template they can use to select their cohort.

Any other questions?

Contact us at and one of our friendly facilitators will get back to you as soon as possible!

*The program is intended for year 10 and 11s as a way to form potential school leaders to gain the skills of leadership before taking on more formal responsibilities in year 12. We have had year 12 students participate in the past and if a school wants this as an option we are flexible.

Year 10 and 11* students