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Virtual escape room

Looking for an exciting way to engage your team or students? Test your leadership and teamwork skills in our virtual escape room! The room is designed to be completed in groups of 4 over Zoom, and communication and cooperation are essential. 


The story: 

The year is 3070. Most of the population of the world live in Squalor (a place ravaged by poverty and disease). A very small percentage of the smartest and most elite citizens get to live in Elysiana (paradise).


To qualify to live there, you must pass a series of tests. The final test is called "The Final Grading". If you pass "The Final Grading" you get to live in Elysiana. If not, you must go back to living in Squalor. You are competing as a group of four. None of you can pass if you don't all pass.


The experience takes about an hour to complete and is followed up by a facilitated debrief. Attendees will have an opportunity to discuss what they learned from the experience about their personal leadership style and share how well they feel they communicated as a team. 


Multiple groups can complete the room at the same time, provided they are in groups of 4. 


Contact us to book in your team or students.


“The Yellow Arrow escape room was amazing! Extremely well thought out and clever. I especially loved that it had a clear fantasy/story element as well as the puzzles to solve. The connections to team work discussed afterwards were an insightful experience also.

I would highly recommend this for those after some fun, team building and those looking to enhance their communication skills.”


Secondary school teacher

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