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agogue is a learning community for professionals responsible for the development of young leaders. 

About agogue

Professional learning is best when it is done as part of a community (at least we think so). This is why we have created agogue, our learning and development community for professionals who support the development, and potential of young leaders


Your community might be your team, students, non-profit volunteers, sports club members, or members of a youth groups. Our goal is to help you create a space for your community to thrive. 


On the agogue platform you will find a community of others responsible for the learning and development of their team. This will be a space to share resources, chat about ideas, and promote events and training. The community is available to all members of agogue and requires no cost

For an annual subscription you will also find:

  • Ready made programs/curriculums that you can buy and deliver to your young leaders.

  • Smaller communities focused on more niche areas of human skill development.

  • Professional development courses to support you to upskill your ability to support others.


Our intention is for agogue to be an ever-growing space, spiraling out as more members join. If you are interested in developing a program or niche community reach out and we can discuss how we could work together!


Curious about the name agogue? Read our blog to learn more about the name and logo.

Thought leadership

Our blog covers topics about student leadership and areas related to leadership in general. We are always looking for guest writers to share from their experience supporting student leaders. What questions do you have about student leadership or managing a student leadership program that we can help with?

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