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Introducing agogue, our learning community

Today we launched “agogue”, our learning and development platform for teachers and professionals who work with young people. You might be a student leadership coordinator building the leadership capacity in your school; a leadership project officer at a university; a program manager at a youth nonprofit; a graduate program manager managing the new talent at your organisation; or the club president of your local sports club. Whatever your context, if you are supporting the development of others, agogue is your community.

Why have we named our platform “agogue”? Agogue means “bringer”, “to incite” and “to lead”. As a professional community devoted to professionals who lead others we thought this was a perfect name. Leadership is a complex skillset with so many elements to learn. Helping others develop their leadership and human skills requires you to consider ways to do this without “telling” your participants how to do it. Leadership is caught, not taught - so this platform will support you to enable the growth & development of your people (while engaging with others who are on doing the same).

We believe learning is best when there is a supportive community learning alongside you. The spiral learning approach was first coined by American psychologist Jerome Bruner. In the spiral approach, learners are first introduced to the whole concept and then layers of complexity are added along the learning journey. In this way the learner remains confident and engaged in their learning process, continually growing while always having something apply.

If you are even just a little bit curious, join our community. You will be able to access lots of free resources, connect with others and also explore our curriculums and specific communities (available by annual subscription).  

Who are we? Our names are Michael Walter and Felicity Neeson, siblings and Co-Founders of Yellow Arrow. We started our business in 2019 and now have a team of facilitators leading workshops in schools across Victoria. Collectively we have over 35 years experience leading youth programs. 

Currently our community is focused on youth leadership but as we grow we will invite other professionals to host their own professional development resources and programs.


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