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Teacher Professional Learning

At Yellow Arrow, we believe that professional development is crucial for teachers to thrive in their roles as educators and leaders. We offer flexible options for professional learning, with sessions that individual teachers can book in for or we can come to your school and deliver a tailored session that meets your specific needs.


Our professional learning sessions cover a range of topics under the leadership umbrella, including how to promote student voice within your school, practical activities and tools to make your lessons more interactive, and how to embed a student leadership strategy in your school. Our expert facilitators work with you to develop skills and strategies that are relevant to your context, ensuring that you leave with practical knowledge and ideas that you can apply in your classroom and school community.


We understand that every teacher and school is unique, and that's why our professional learning sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide a collaborative and engaging learning experience that empowers you to take your teaching to the next level. Send us a message to find out more about how we can support your teaching staff.

Professional Learning Opportunities

Teacher Toolkit - Student Leadership Coordinator


We have had countless teachers say, "I wish there was a step by step guide for everything I need to organise as Student Leadership Coordinator!" Running the student leadership program is a big role and one that is often filled by very passionate teachers (like you) who are wearing a lot of other hats at the same time.

We want to make life easier for you, so we have created an online course with ready to use templates (e.g. student application form, meeting agenda, student proposal template), videos from other teachers in the role sharing their wisdom and advice, helpful resources (ideas for students to take action, game and activity overviews, planning checklists) and more.

The course is currently available for $395 including GST. The great news is we will continue to build/adapt the course based on your feedback, but once you purchase it, you will have access ongoing.

So that you can see what we have included, we have created a video talking through the different sections.

"Amplifying Student Voice"

Do you want to promote student voice in your school and create a leadership culture that extends beyond the students in the formal leadership roles?

Come along to "Amplifying Student Voice", our online professional learning session where we will explore practical strategies that empower students to take charge and make a difference in their schools. This will be a hands-on session, with opportunities to connect with teachers from other schools and share with them.

Dates: To be announced. If you are interested in this training let us know!

"Student Leadership Coordinator Toolkit"


In this interactive professional learning day for teachers in the Student Leadership Coordinator role, we will share our favourite go-to tools, activities and resources to use with student leaders.

We believe leadership is “caught not taught” which is why we have developed a toolbox of games and activities to immerse students in experiences of leadership. We are passionate about supporting teachers to champion their student leaders to thrive in their student leadership role. Rather than lecturing you about how to best support your students in your role as Student Leadership Coordinator, we will model the exact activities and resources we use with groups and debrief why we find them effective.

What content will we cover?

We will provide a framework to help you set up your year, explore how to break the ice, get (and keep) students' attention, encourage deeper reflection and promote student voice. We will also provide opportunities for you to network with other teachers in the Student Leadership Coordinator role.

Dates: To be announced. If you are interested in this training let us know!

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