Coaching for Leaders

Are you experiencing ‘imposter syndrome’ in your leadership role?


Do you find yourself thinking about work in your leisure time?


Would you like your own personal cheerleader to champion you and help keep you motivated and accountable? 


Felicity Walter is a leadership coach who helps emerging leaders to build confidence, communicate with conviction and feel authentic.

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What is coaching?

Coaches help people to achieve their goals and become the best possible versions of themselves. Coaches are great listeners and help to reframe their clients’ thinking and build effective strategies. No two coaching sessions are ever the same, because they are always focused around what the client needs in that very moment.

Why should every leader have a coach?

The short answer is that everyone can benefit from coaching!  Here are some of the benefits that the leaders Felicity works with experience from coaching:


  • Clarity around their vision, purpose and values

  • The ability to communicate effectively

  • Confidence having difficult conversations

  • Congruency with their words and actions

  • Strengthened relationships with their team

  • Increased drive and excitement


"Felicity and I worked together for a period of 3 months. Her coaching skills enabled me to access control and determination over my life which has continued paying off in multiple ways. Felicity’s coaching has helped me to help myself and others in my day to day interactions both personally and professionally. It’s enormously self-empowering!"

Donna Bailey

Trainer and Assessor

What does Yellow Arrow mean?

Yellow Arrow is named after the yellow arrows that lead the way in the Camino de Santiago, an 800km walk in Spain. It is a powerful symbol of clarity and purpose. When we are clear about our direction and purpose, then we can relax and focus on what is most important. Yellow Arrow coaching helps leaders to identify and follow their own “yellow arrows”

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